No Training....No Cry

Posted by Rich Vincent on 4th Jul 2018

As Bob Marley once sang – No Training No Cry, that was it wasn’t it?Which leads me onto a conversation I had this week with a customer.We got chatting about training and being best prepared for an … read more


Posted by Triactive on 27th Apr 2018

Triathlon wetsuits have come a long way over the last 40 years, with technology continually innovating design and what’s possible.What makes triathlon wetsuits different?Wetsuits were first develop … read more

What Do Cyclists Find So Amusing About Triathletes?

Posted by Rich Vincent on 25th Apr 2018

Every Saturday Jamie, our young helping hand, walks through the door and almost immediately the conversation revolves around…Cycling!You see he loves his bike and ONLY cycles, he really couldn’t th … read more

Triathlon! What Do You Think I Am, Superhuman?...

Posted by Rich Vincent on 28th Mar 2018

...That was my reaction when someone I hardly knew suggested I should do a ‘Triathlon’It was February 2010, I’d just got back from a 2 week motorcycle trip across India and was dreaming up another … read more

Saucony Celebrate Their 120th Anniversary!

12th Mar 2018

One hundred and twenty years ago this month, the first Saucony shoe was born on the high banks of the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA. It was 1898, just two years after the first Olympic Marathon and … read more